Regimen to look younger

Regimen to look younger

A healthy skin and a glowing face is usually a mirror of a happy soul. No doubt, your genetics play an important role in your skin and hair health but self care is pivotal in achieving as well as maintaining it too. Self care is an act of self love. So doesn’t matter how busy you are in achieving your professional dreams, take some time out to show care for your skin on daily or weekly basis.

I don’t advocate spending hours or tons of products on your face daily specially young mums and professional don’t have whole lot of time up their sleeve to do so. So here we are focusing on a feasible, easy to trim as per your needs kind of on daily skin care.

First step of facial care is scrubbing your skin at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and unclog your pores. It helps your skin to breath again and glow. Morning is the perfect time for scrubbing. First wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Then scrub your face gently so as not to damage your skin. After scrubbing use face wash, pat dry your face and use a natural toner like rose water followed by a day face cream with SPF 30.

Your skin will be receptive for benefits of your face mask or face cream to go deep into the epidermis after a gentle scrub. Face cream should be used straight away after toner while the pores are still open to absorb. When you have bit extra time on hand , fit in a face mask in your routine after facial scrub once or twice a week .

Night time is a recharge and renewal time for our skin so we need to make this process work diligently in our favor. Night time routine should involve make up removal with micellar cleansing water and a water based or oil based cleanser as per your skin type. Toner maintains the PH level of skin so apply toner gently tapping and pressing on your face not with a cotton ball at night time.You can use serum to target any skin issues, you are dealing with such as acne or uneven tone. Choose a Hyaluronic or retinol serums or any of your choice. Eye cream with a gentle eye massage will keep your eye soft and wrinkle free.

Final step in night routine is your night cream to seal in all the previous steps. Night face masks are beneficial once a week to inject some extra moisture into your skin specially in winters.

Eating healthy, unprocessed food and drinking lots of fluids are equally important to have glow on your skin as beauty starts from inside so don’t loose you focus at the basics. Keep smiling and showering yourself with self love.

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