12 Relaxing DIY Beauty Hacks For Beautiful Crafty Girls

12 Relaxing DIY Beauty Hacks For Beautiful Crafty Girls

After a long, stressful day, we just want to tuck ourselves into bed and start counting sheep. But as the beauty girl in our group of friends, we have a certain level of grooming maintenance we must adhere to. Even our significant other would be concerned if we went a few days without a manicure (sound familiar?). While there is merit to staying up late to practice those superlong Korean skin care rituals, it’s sometimes relieving to try a lazy-girl hack before bed so that you wake up looking gorgeous. After lots of trial and error, we’ve found the best ways to maximize beauty sleep — just keep reading and try them tonight!

Take it from Jennifer Aniston’s stylist Chris McMillan — you don’t have to painstakingly craft beach waves with hot tools, potions, and your precious time. Instead, he suggests priming your hair with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day ($27) and dividing it into two sections along a center part (four if you have a thick mane). Then, twist the sections away from your face into a bun and pass out. When you let down your hair in the morning, you’ll have effortlessly glossy, cascading waves.

Any gal who has painted her nails before bed knows the risks: you can smudge your nails or wake up with weird sheet creases on your claws. Prevent both by wearing these old-school nail caps ($4). Though they may be designed for nail polish removal (just fill with acetone, soak, and remove), they can also act as miniature shields for your carefully created nail art.

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